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Hao He (Nilo) University of Toronto Co-op Management MS: Commerce University of Waterloo Mathematics (Co-op and Regular) McMaster University Business I China Xi'an Middle School of Shaanxi Province 2011-06
Jiang, Jiaying (Mandy) University of Toronto Rotman Commerce Co-op Management MS: Commerce McMaster University Business I   China Guangzhou No. 47 Middle School 2011-06
Qiu, Danni (Lakita) University of Toronto Rotman Commerce Electrical Engineering MS: Commerce University of Waterloo Math/Fin Analysis & Risk Mngmt   China Wuhan No. 1 High School 2011-06
Xiong,Ying (Christine) McMaster University Business I     China Chengdu Shishi Foreign Language School 2011-06
Zhao, Xiangyu (Alex) University of Toronto SG: Phys & Mathematical Sc Co-op Science MS: computer Science McMaster University Engineering 1 (Co-op)   China Dalian Yuming Senior High School 2011-06
Wu, Wenjuan (Wendy) University of Toronto Commerce / Computer Science McMaster University Business   China Jiangsu Jurong Senior High School 2011-06
Chen, Yuwei (Arena) University of Toronto Phys & Mathematical Sci/Co-op Science University of Toronto Computer Science, Mathematics & Statistics University of Waterloo Mathematics/Business Administration China Wuxi Big Bridge Experimental High School 2011-06
Cheng, Ziang (Victor) Algoma University Computer Science     China Jiangyan High School of Jiangsu Province 2011-06
Dang, Chenxu (Crystal) University of Toronto Phys & Mathematical Science/Commerce University of Toronto Co-op Management (BBA) University of Waterloo Mathematics China No 120 Middle School of Shenyang City 2011-06
Ding, Kaizhen (Edward) University of Toronto Co-op Management/Rotman commerce University of Toronto Commerce incl Accounting University of Waterloo Business Admin China Jiangsu Yixing Secondary School 2011-06
Duan, Pengzhi (Prajan) Simon Fraser University (SFU) Applied Sciences University of Manitoba Engineering   China Wuyi Hongda High School 2011-06
Fu, Feilin (Feelin ) McMaster University Business I Simon Fraser University (SFU) Business Administration /Arts & Social Sciences   China Jiangsu Haizhou Senior High School 2011-06
Gao, Han (Jessica) SFU Arts & Social Sciences     China Liaoning Province Shiyan Co-Opreration High School 2011-06
Guo, Hui (Jad) University of Toronot Humanities (Arts) / Biological Sciences (non co-op) University of Waterloo Life Science The University of British Columbia Bachelor of Applied Science China Shanxi Experimental Secondary School 2011-06
Han, Yang (John) University of Toronto Computer Engineering/ Co-op Computer Science /Rotman Commerce University of Waterloo Electrical Engineering McMaster University Engineering 1 (Co-op) China Huaian Middle School in Jiangsu Province 2011-06
Hong Yang University of Toronto Materials Engineering University of Waterloo Mechanical Engineering (Co-op) Western University Social Science China Jiangsu Changzhou Tianjiabing Experimental Middle School 2011-06
Huang, Jiafeng (Rowan) University of Waterloo Art and English for Academic Studies     China Wenzhou Middle School 2011-06
Huang, Lanqing (Kingsley) University of Toronto Management and Economics (Pre-Program) University of Toronto/ First Year Studies in Business   China Shanghai Fenghua High School 2011-06
Huang, Xirong (Molly) York University Economics McMaster University Business I   China High School Affiliated to Yangzhou 2011-06
Huang, Yuanjie (Stanley) University of Waterloo Computer Science (Co-op and Reqular) Simon Fraser University (SFU) Applied Science/Engineering Science   Nanjing No13 Senior High School 2011-06
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