Euclid contest in Mathematics

 Every year, Ontario International College registers its students to participate in the Euclid contest in Mathematics held by the University of Waterloo. The Euclid contest in Mathematics is an all-Canadian contest between high school students, which is also open to international community (so, any student all over the world may take part in the contest by answering the questions online). In 2011 there were total of 6437 participants, including 15 students from Ontario International College. The maximum possible score was 100.
Two of our students, Lian Liu (Clare), scored 86, and Lou Sheng (Jerry), scored 84, have been ranked at the top 1% of all students who have participated in the contest; at that Clare has been ranked at the top 0.3%.
Zehua Zheng (Nuke) and Chen Yuwei (Arena) have been ranked at the top 2%; Hong Yang (Hong), Deng Chenxu (Crystal), and Pengshuai Shi (Samson) are at the top 3%; Yiqiang Zhang (Nick) - at the top 5%.
All our students who have participated in the Euclid contest have gotten scores far above the average value (46).
We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of our students for their high achievements in this highly ranked contest!

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