ESL & EAP Courses

ESL (English as a Second Language)

Students have a variety of needs when it comes to the study of English. For some students, it is essential to work on English fundamentals, while for others, the focus is on academic English and the communication techniques that university study requires, such as essay and report writing, presentations, group discussions. Others need to polish their business English skills in order to jumpstart their professional careers in an international environment.

We have programs to accommodate all of those needs. Our intensive six-week modules come in a variety of subjects, with difficulty levels ranging from elementary to advanced.
General English courses provide a comprehensive foundation in writing, conversation, pronunciation, reading and listening skills.

Academic English courses are designed to take students to a whole new level of English proficiency to enable them to succeed in university courses developed for native English speakers.

Business English courses target those students who plan to be involved in international business. The course embraces all aspects of business communication, from preparing common business documents to effective employment interviewing strategies.

There are four types of General English courses that provide a base for mastering the core language skills:
• Reading and Writing
• Listening and Speaking
• Grammar Practice
• English Through Media

When students are admitted to Ontario International College, they are required to take the English Placement Test. After reviewing the test results, our English department decides on the appropriate ESL level for each student. At the end of each module, students take the English Benchmark Exam to find out whether they progressed enough to move on to the next level.

All ESL instructors are highly qualified professionals with degrees from top Canadian universities. Not only they hold TESOL certificates from leading Canadian institutions, but also they are experienced in teaching ESL to international learners. On top of their professional expertise, they are friendly, approachable, and eager to help.