40 Hours of Community Involvement Activities

Every student at OIC including all international students who have not yet graduated from a secondary school must complete a minimum of 40 hours of community involvement activities as one of the requirements of an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

The purposes of the community involvement activities are to:

• to encourage students to develop awareness and understanding of civic responsibility
• to increase awareness of the role they can play and gain satisfaction from the contribution they can make in supporting and strengthening their communities
• to develop a positive image and a greater sense of identity within the community

Students may complete the requirement at any time before graduation. Students may complete one activity of 40 hours or several activities which add up to a 40 hour time commitment. The requirement must be completed outside of scheduled class time.

Students will identify and document their community involvement on the Community Involvement Activities Form. Students must provide signatures confirming what activities they are participating in, who their supervisors are and verification of completed activities. When completed (with all signatures) the student will present the report to the school. The total number of hours completed each year will be documented on the report card.

The following list represents eligible activities which are defined by the Ontario Ministry of Education as recognized community service activities that are non-paid and out of class time, and not part of a course requirement:

• Fundraising
• Sports/Recreation
• Community Events
• Environmental Projects
• Senior's Residence
• Community Committee Work
• Community Projects
• Religious Activities
• Clubs and Youth Organizations
• Children/Youth
• Office/Clerical
• Arts/Culture
• School Activities
• Activities for Individuals Requiring Assistance

Students’ Roles and Responsibilities

Before beginning any Community Involvement activity:

1. The student must complete and submit to the school a Notification of Planned Community Involvement Activities Form.

2. The student will select an activity or activities from OIC's list of approved activities OR, if the activity is not on OIC’s list of approved activities, the student will have to obtain written approval from the principal on the notification form.

3. It is important to select appropriate activities that will provide for the student's safety and well being. Parent/Guardian involvement is crucial in ensuring that activities take into account the following:

• Health and safety
• Harassment
• Hazardous materials or substances
• Activities that require a police check
• Location of activity
• Age appropriateness

4. A student under the age of eighteen must complete the Notification of Planned Community Involvement Form in consultation with his or her parents/guardians, and must also have one parent sign the form. The student will sign the form and submit it to the principal or to another school contact designated by the principal.

5. When the activity is completed the student must fill out the Complete  of Community Involvement Activites Form.

6. The student must submit the form to the principal or other school contact upon completion of the 40 hours, or at appropriate interval determined by the principal. This form must be signed by the sponsor of each activity and student's parent(s)/guardian (if student is under 18).

7. When accepting a placement the student should consider the following:

• Show up ready to work on time
• Dress correctly for the agreed duties
• Act professionally
• Be respectful of others
• Listen to instructions
• Do the job to the best of your ability and ask for directions if unsure
• Call and notify your superior prior to the scheduled activity if your are sick or cannot come to work
• Maintain confidentiality
• Work Safely
• It is advised that students aim for completion before their final year