Class Demonstrations and Lab Practice

Any work the student has prepared out of class for presentation in class is presumed to be entirely his own, unless he has made proper acknowledgement of help from another person, student, or source.

Unless specifically directed or permitted by the teacher, collaboration with another student in any academic work, including assignments, lab reports, essays, take-home tests or components of tests, is to be avoided at all times. The School encourages students to discuss and debate their ideas, for discussion and debate are basic to the educational experience. But in an academic assignment of any sort, discussion is a preliminary and limited stage only, a means of stimulating one’s own approach and thinking, and must be followed by individual and unaided research, thinking, and writing. Pooling ideas, sharing or assigning sections of writing, and incorporating another student’s ideas and writing into one’s own, are examples of unacceptable collaboration. Unacknowledged collaboration or collaboration which has not been permitted by the teacher is cheating and students whose academic work shows collaboration will be considered to have committed an offence against academic honesty.