Compulsory modules

ENG4010 Academic Reading (Semester 1) The course is designed to raise your academic reading comprehension level. The course includes extensive reading and text organisation analysis of the genres: evaluative reports, persuasive essays. It also covers the appropriate micro skills: note taking, summaries, anticipating main ideas from headings, skimming for main ideas, scanning for specific information and grammar and vocabulary practice.

ENG4020 English Essay Writing (Semester 1) The course is designed to enable you to write reports and persuasive essays, to summarise and evaluate secondary sources, and to apply their reading to a specific issue or question in an essay. You will learn to employ correct citation techniques, and the methods for producing a coherent argument in a judgment essay. The module is also designed to enable you to widen your library research skills, and to develop the microskills necessary for writing at this level, including pre-writing, planning, brainstorming, editing, text organisation and rewriting.

ENG4030 Seminar and Presentation Skills (Semester 1) This module aims to promote your proficiency in listening and speaking skills in English to a level that will prepare you for postgraduate study. The listening skills work will focus on understanding and taking notes on recorded lectures, and on reconstructing a clear summary of main ideas. You will understand the conceptual framework and rhetorical organisation that underpins lectures. Peer-presented papers will introduce you to the concept of critical feedback and group collaboration. Speaking skills will be developed through individual practice in giving individual and group presentations, focusing on awareness of a range of presentation techniques. In addition, group debate and seminar paper practice will focus on how to construct a clear argument and techniques for rational persuasion. Included in this modular course shall be the advanced seminar and presentation skills which are designed to take your listening and speaking ability to a more advanced level in preparation for postgraduate study.