Ontario International College Becomes an Official IELTS Test Venue

 This November Ontario International College has extended its services to its students as well as it established a new relationship with another college. OIC has officially signed a contract with The Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning to become partners in administering IELTS tests. As of January 1st, 2012 Ontario International College is an official test venue for OIC students only.  


It is an important step in the daily life of Ontario International College because it allows us to continue to provide outstanding service for our clients. Ontario International College students can now enjoy the convenience and comfort of writing their IELTS test within the familiar classrooms of our college. We see it as an advantage, as we understand how nerve-racking test taking can be for some of the students; being able to write the test in a familiar environment allows the student to keep calm and perform better on their tests. 


To keep the testing environment fair and professional, Conestoga College provides us with all the IELTS test material and other documents as well as IELTS examiners, invigilators, proctors and monitors required for each test day. Being able to accommodate every student’s IELTS test in our own location is an advantage because our students no longer have to miss classes to check out the test location or go outside to register for the test. Everything is done on campus!

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