EUCLID Mathematics and SIN Physics Contests: 2011-2012

As always, our students have actively participated in the contests offered to us by the University of Waterloo Mathematics and Physics Departments. In late March of 2012 around 40 students from OIC have participated in the EUCLID Mathematics contest. The results came out in early May, and we would like thank all of the participants, and congratulate the top 10 students of OIC: Yijia He (Ivy) – placed first amongst all of the OIC contestants; Yuchao Shi (Andy), Chen Yongyu (Sara), Yutong Meng (Julia), Chen Daokun (William), Wei Lu (Jennifer), Yang Cheng (Robbie), Ruyu Fan (Fan), Di Chen (Lara), Yukun Xu (Marco) and Fengjie Ling (Jeff).

Today, we also received the results from SIN Physics competition. Congratulations go out to Yang Chen (Robbie), Xingye Hu (Chris) and Qitian Fan (Claude) for finishing in the top 1% of all contestants. Also, congratulations to Shuyang Lu (Jarvis) for finishing in the top 2% of all contestants. Yang Chen (Robbie) placed 2nd out of all contestants for year 2012 SIN competition.

Again, congratulations to all of our students, and a big thank you to their teachers for helping them achieve these amazing results!

EUCLID Contest Results 2012

SIN Contest Results 2012

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